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RAC is a crazy project made real, as simply as with a couple of hammer blows and which continues to develop with the same simplicity. Built on land on the edge of the Rivière à Claude valley, RAC flourishes with the seasons. Winter that brings together a common passion for the mountains, turns floating in the loose snow and sensations that we share one run  at a time. It's cold, windy, icy and sometimes rough but always nice with a well pumped wood stove. Spring which is the symbol of a life that takes   around us. It's like coming out of hibernation. The moment to appreciate the heat of the sun, the song of the birds and the colors starting with the heads of violins. Summer is the long sunny days which gives us drive. The photosynthesis that works hard worse the rest of us too. It nourishes us literally and figuratively, it is the supply of our gardens and the roots that spread. In the fall, we work hard on it. We get back to work, ``punched double time``, we prepare everything, we prepare RAC. The first logs in our stoves, then the saws in the mountains. We find mutual aid and evolution one chore at a time. At RAC, you simply live there, the generations mingle there and the bonds between friends and neighbors are strengthened there. The projects see the light there and the laughter illuminates our chalets. We feel the Haute Gaspésie live there fully.


At RAC we live.

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