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Dome sector

Located 12km from our base camp, the dome sector offers 200m descents in open snowfields. A mature birch forest gives it the look of Japan.

The view from the dome directly overlooks the river. And as Jean Leloup puts it so well "the dome is huge in the heart of the forest
and they say it lights up for miles around”.

Eternal Mountain Sector

Located 13 km from the base camp, the Mont Eternel sector offers descents of up to 350m in altitude. The north face of Mount Eternal protects the snow from the wind and the sun. The quality of the powder has just "po common sense"!!! 

RAC sector

Located on RAC land, our exclusive ski area is made up of 2 mountains. 4 trails are accessible by self-guided. The trails are varied (mature maple grove, gully, open undergrowth).

Tyro sector

Tyro sector

Tyro sector

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